“My love for fashion is deeply ingrained in who I am. As early as I can remember, I was putting together outfits. I was drawn to color, texture, shine, pattern, drape, and lovely fit. All I dreamed of was using this passion to inspire others. Being a curvy petite girl, I understood the struggle to confidently display my personality through clothing. So, after years of throwing ideas back and forth, I finally decided to take a leap and start sharing my passion with others. I hope that this page will inspire you to branch out and confidently display your uniquely fantastic beauty.”

-Susie Trilisky, Founder/Owner of Vintage & Cream LLC

Spring 2020 Inspiration

This is the start of my 2020 fashion inspiration board. As you will see, my style is influenced by food, nature, color, pattern, and texture. Even though I love fashion trends, I do not actually tend to follow all of them. Instead, I take some current ideas, colors, or themes and interpret them to be relevant to my closet and my style.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this little peak into how I see the world and why fashion is so special! I hope that you get inspired to see fashion differently.

If you are interested in vintage fashion or unique pieces specially chosen by me, check out: Outfits ideas and fashion inspirations as well as the styling of these pieces are coming soon!

Let’s build something together.